Mapping the Nevada Habitat


The Sagebrush Ecosystem Program has worked with U.S. Geological Survey to have a map generated from its habitat suitability modeling efforts to determine the most suitable habitat areas for Greater Sage-grouse within the State. These data were used to best represent Greater Sage-grouse habitat areas at the landscape scale and delineate them according to their importance on a map. Below is the Greater Sage-grouse composite habitat suitability index (HSI) map as well as the map depicting the current habitat management category areas for Greater Sage-grouse. 

The GIS shapefiles for the seasonal and composite habitat suitability maps for sage-grouse in Nevada and northeastern California developed by the USGS and the Nevada Sagebrush Ecosystem Program are available here (Coates et al. 2014). The GIS shapefile for the most current Management Category map can be downloaded here.