Transactions in the CCS describe mitigation offsets that have already occurred. Credits have been purchased from a private party or transferred from an internal source to offset a debit project’s debits for the term of the disturbance. In the absence of additional phases of mitigation planned, the debit projects below have fulfilled their obligations. The transferred credits are from projects that have committed to protect/enhance/restore the associated high quality greater sage-grouse (GRSG) habitat for at least a 30 year term through implementation of an approved CCS management plan. In addition to annual monitoring and reporting each year, site visits will be conducted by the SETT every five years and Verification (running the HQT to assess habitat attributes) is to occur every 15 years. Financial Assurances have also been set aside to ensure sufficient funds are available for each project to succeed in the long run.

    • Mitigation Transactions

    Hyphens under Acres Conserved indicate the map unit(s) specific to the credits involved with the transfer were already committed in their entirety to the longer term of commitment in a prior transaction, but all credits were not previously used in offsets. If a debit project is also shown on the Debit Projects page, it has additional phases and mitigation offsets planned. If a credit project is also shown on the Credit Projects page, additional credits remain available for sale or transfer.