CCS Tools

CCS Projects Interactive Mapping Tool

The locations and some of the details on CCS credit and debit projects are now available through use of the CCS Projects Interactive Mapping Tool. If interested, a short video explaining mapping tool features is also available. This tool is meant not only to provide the public information, but also to better accommodate sale or purchase of credits in the CCS.

A Proximity Factor Calculator is also available to assist debit project proponents in navigating the proximity ratio when attempting to purchase credits.

While projects are identified in each of these tools, contact information for credit and debit project proponents is available from the SETT on request.

CCS Site Screening Tool

Are you a landowner or land manager interested in participating in the Nevada Conservation Credit System? This online site screening tool enables potential credit developers to quickly get an idea of their property’s suitability for participating in the program.

CCS Priority Conservation Areas

Guidance for mapping and locating treatment areas specific to invasive annual grass and conifer removal can be found below, and is intended to identify, protect, and expand core areas important to the sagebrush ecosystem. Please contact the SETT for more information or more detailed shapefiles.