Work Products


The following are maps, available for review purposes only.  The maps should not be used for management decisions, recommendations, or prioritization.  You may contact Lara Niell, if you have questions about the posted work products.

    White Paper and Maps

    The Sagebrush Ecosystem Council formally adopted the December 2015 revision to the Nevada Management Categories at their meeting on December 11, 2015.  This revision includes updated habitat selection modeling by the USGS, updated lek information in the space use modeling, the addition of a major road and urban area mask, and a reduction to the extent of the management categories to the Biologically Significant Units.  In addition, the state has translated our terms of Core, Priority and General to the BLM and USFS terms identified in the 2015 LUPA/EIS of Priority Habitat Management Area, General Habitat Management Area, and Other Habitat Management Area, respectively.

    A PDF of the December 2015 map is available above.  The underlying habitat suitability modeling is under-going a peer review process and consequently the shapefiles for the management categories will not be released until the peer review process is complete.  In the interim, if you are interested in reviewing a specific location relative to the December 2015 version, please email a GIS file, map mark-up or location description to and the Sagebrush Ecosystem Technical Team will produce a map for you.  As soon as the shapefiles are available for public release, they will be posted on this page.

      Nevada Maps Spatial Data

      Below are the GIS shapefiles for the habitat suitability maps and management categories for sage-grouse in Nevada and northeastern California developed by the USGS and the Nevada Sagebrush Ecosystem Program (Coates et al. 2014).  Included is a layer file to symbolize the data following the state's format.  Please note there is an August 2014 version and March 2015 version available.  The methods to produce both maps are the same, but the August 2014 version used the 2013 lek database and the March 2015 version used the 2014 lek database.

      Please review the metadata as it describes the methods for developing this layer and use the Coates et al. 2014 citation that is listed in the metadata when referencing the data.  As well, please reference the appropriate date version when using/presenting the data.

      USGS Open File Report

      This peer-reviewed report presents the process for developing spatially explicit maps describing relative habitat suitability for sage-grouse in Nevada and northeastern California. Maps depicting habitat suitability indices (HSI) values were generated based on model-averaged resource selection functions informed by more than 31,000 independent telemetry locations from more than 1,500 radio-marked sage-grouse across 12 project areas in Nevada and northeastern California collected during a 15-year period (1998–2013).